Property Evaluation & Market Insights Report for a Customer With Property in Ozone Residenza Villament, Sarjapur, Bangalore

Property Evaluation & Market Insights Report for a Customer With Property in Ozone Residenza Villament, Sarjapur, Bangalore

Editor’s Note: The flowing report is a property evaluation and market insights report curated by a property manager at Propadis.

Your Property Details

Ozone Residenza Villament, Harlur Road, Sarjapur for Sale at a right value (No Hurry)

  • 3 Storied, ~4600 sft, 5 Bath, 4 BHK, 3 Covered parking.
  • Fully Done, Lived from 2012-15.
  • Rented now to an executive from Bharti Axa on a company lease.
  • Hoping currently valued at Rs// to Rs// cr.
  • Looking for a Good value to sell, not in a medium-term hurry.
  • NRI/RI status to be watched for TDS issue (21%+ or 1%).

Google Earth Location

Google Earth:

Property details post property management inspection

Market Analysis & Trends

Listed Sale range in the market for residential property is ₹6,000 to ₹7,000/sqft depending on Size, configurations etc. You have a decent property, however, the market is very soft on resale, there is a huge glut of properties on sale (Could easily expect a real extended period of time to find some traction, with the right price, unless we want to try “Discounted Sale”). Experts, in fact, say if you want to sell your property quickly, you can price at the lower range, this may attract some attention.

Having said all these, our recommendation would be not to spend additional large cost on this property, though you may have already invested a lot. In terms of sale, we have to price it right, instead of higher value, put out a reasonable number to get some traction instead of looking for an optimal price. The supply is outstripping the demand by a huge margin (There are few units in this complex itself).

Net-Net you can expect a real extended period of time to find some traction, but we have to start marketing now, so we can try & get the best value, instead of succumbing to time pressures later.

There is NO MAGIC we can do, we can give it a great try based on a good effort, marketing it hard if you are willing to make some investment in the fee as described below.

Market Analysis (Continued.) Sale range for listed properties: ₹6,000 to ₹7,000 +/Sq ft (Not showing any actual sales) (From your Ad)

Nearby properties:

  • Vaishnavi Orchids
  • RBD Stillwaters
  • Shilpa Dacha

Note: Price always varies from society, developer brand, road access, and amenities.

property price trends inspected for property management.

Few Questions/Clarifications for you

  1. Have you taken care of property taxes, Khata, EC etc?
  2. Have you come across any other sale among in your connects in the neighbourhoods, demanding these prices?
  3. Would you have any Plan B, if the sale is not achieved in an extended period of time too?

Our proposal to you

Benefits compared to a real estate agent
We propose the following benefits Pre Sale @For a year, a discounted one-time investment/fee of $// (Actual Value of $//).

Pre Sale:

  • Stop degradation by effectively Staging your property.
    • If the property is unattended, Sometimes it helps to stage a clean property to showcase to potential buyers. If it requires full “deep cleaning”, it can be arranged at cost.
  • Generate good leads by actively marketing your property.
    • Visit the site, take pictures, Video.
    • Promote through on-ground channels.
    • Promote through a couple of key property portals such as 99 acres, Magic Bricks. Handle all the incoming calls, leads, emails. This includes paying additional money by boosting the ads at times.
    • Do social media campaigns on FB, Twitter.
    • Promote through our circle of real estate agents, Senior corporate & NRI connects.
  • Professional Representation.
    • We are professional when taking field calls from prospects and take them on showings (Expected 10-12 Visits).
    • Regular updates to you on visits (Typically every 4 weeks) & their feedback.
  • Help Negotiate the best value for you.
    • Regularise any paperwork at cost, e.g Property Taxes if not paid, can derail the Khata certificate to be extracted from government authorities.
    • Work closely with the buyer/tenant to understand their needs & interests.
    • Get a token deposit in your bank account.

Post (upon buyer’s confirmation): A reduced commission of 1% on sale is expected. Our responsibility includes:

  • Buyer screening and verification.
  • Legal Agreements/Affidavit (Sale Agreement, Sale Deed, TDS Reduction etc.).
  • Plan, Manage NRI nuances of Sale (Some Legal, Accountant Costs would be expected depending on NRI status, ITaxes Filed in India).
  • Coordination with Local Government authorities.
  • Complete Closure (Deposits, Taxes planning etc.). Refund $~~ back to you, once successful in completing the sale transaction.
  • Complete coordination with Society, buyer/Tenant for a seamless move-in.

A final thought

  • Less stress & Free up more of your time.
    • One-stop-shop services provided by us.
    • For us it is not a transaction, it is a long-term relationshipwith you.
    • Why not consider us, to get away on obligations/favours from friends/relatives.

Should you have the interest to get started, we can send you a link for payment. We are a US registered entity, bringing in an additional level of governance & transparency.

I sincerely hope I have covered all of our discussion points. We feel the fee is an investment in a good property of yours. If you are comfortable, we are fully equipped to be your “Eyes & Feet on the ground”. Nowadays, it is doubly important “to actively market for an extended period of time to generate any traction.

We are glad to share with you that, We have customers from Europe, Middle East, India, Singapore, Canada, US and are serving 200+ properties in key cities in India (Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Kolkata and others…).

Thank You for the opportunity to be of Service. May we understand your interests/needs better via a phone conversation or a personal meeting.

Vinod Podar, Co-Founder & CEO

1-248-275-5811 USA, +91-9343538197 India

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