Customer Testimonial – Mr. Shridhar Subrahmanyam, Bangalore

I have known Mr. Podar for many years as a neighbor in the complex of flats that we both live in. 

I have three properties in Bangalore out of which we live in one and have rented out the other two. I had some serious issues with dealing with my tenant in the larger property that I own, jointly with my wife. The tenant had taken the property on a three-year lease and had extended it by another year. However, the rent was not being paid regularly and the tenant was also not in a hurry to vacate and move on.

It was around this time that Mr. Podar approached me and said that he is the CEO and part owner of PROPADIS, a company he and his partners had started to manage the properties of owners and effectively handle the day to day problems and efficiently take care of them. I then signed a contract for a reasonable sum for a year for PROPADIS to handle my property management affairs.

Mr. Podar and his team took over the day to day problems and finally managed to get me the rent arrears and get the tenant to move out. That was a big relief.

The next major job was to repair and paint the property to make it once again attractive to be rented out. PROPADIS was given the job to get it presentable and find a tenant. 

The painting and refurbishment were very well done with a minor cost slippage and within the promised time frame. PROPADIS also, very promptly, recommended a new tenant for the place. However, I rented out the property to a party that came to us directly but I appreciated the fact that a tenant had been located by PROPADIS immediately after the work was done.

I have no hesitation in recommending PROPIDIS for any property related issues and give them the power to handle all aspects professionally.

-Shridhar Subrahmanyam

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